i love my perfect body!

i’m 5’6″ about 150 lbs. this time last year i was 201 lbs.

it wasn’t grueling losing this weight. half the time i didn’t do anything and still lost weight!

my advice:

think skinny!!!

it works.

now, where i used to see things that displeasured me, i see the perfect body.

there used to be so many things i saw that i didn’t like, and even more after i became a mom. i was literally obese, according to what my BMI was at the time. i was unhappy, angry even, until i decided to do something about it! i was dead set on losing weight! i started working out with a trainer, being more conscious of what i was putting in my body. i was supposed to do 6 months with him but then some turmoil entered my life happened and i only managed to do 3 1/2. regardless, what we did together jump started my body and even though i was slacking off physically and had even started to be less-conscious of what i ate, i continued to lose weight. despite my trials and tribulations derailing my exercise program, i still lost weight!

eventually, my life got back onto a positive track, but i continued doing one thing while it was on it’s way there.

i kept thinking skinny!

last year at around this time, i was wearing size 14 jeans; today my size 10s are loose on me!!!!

i’m probably an 8 or a 9!!!

and it really wasn’t that hard to do!

now, my body is much smaller and while i may not be model material to most people, what i see blows me away!!!

when i was weighed in at my trainer’s studio the first time, i was 201 lbs. 😦

today i’m 51 lbs. lighter and i’m excited for the weight that has yet to come off to melt away!!! i see myself at a healthy 135 lbs. and i can already feel myself being that small. sure, becoming a mom gave me a few little stretch marks but they’re barely visible and i see them as badges of honor!!! i earned those stripes! i’m fierce like a tiger!! besides, becoming a mom gave me bigger boobs! i always wanted bigger boobs! i’m so glad i never got that boob job at 19 when i was an A cup because now i’ve got DDs!!! becoming a mother gave me slightly wider hips too and i like the way that looks! coca-cola bottle anyone!!! i’m so happy about my body now! i couldn’t say that about my body for a long while but now i am really feeling myself! every time i see someone whom i hadn’t seen in a while, the first thing they comment on is how thin i am. even the fed ex guy was like, “there’s something different about you,” and i just smiled! in the last month people have commented about my weight loss a lot and each time i just feel myself becoming lighter and lighter!

it’s so great too because summer is coming!

i am literally shedding the winter clothes and the winter weight at the same time with the same ease!

weight loss is easy!

just think yourself skinny!


stop thinking about being fat and wanting to lose weight. that’s not going to make you lose weight. thinking like that focuses all of your energy on the things you don’t want as opposed to the things you want. but it isn’t even enough to change, “i don’t want to be fat!” to “i want to be skinny!” no! that is not enough.

this is the tricky part.

here’s where your imagination comes into play.

don’t tell me you don’t know how to imagine because we were all kids once. i’m asking you to play a game with me.

think skinny!


“i am skinny!”

“i am losing weight!”

“i am grateful for my continued weight loss!”

say it, think it, believe it, even if it feels silly at first and even if your grown up brain is telling you to stop lying to yourself,


as your mind becomes full on this thought, your other thoughts will follow suit. before long, your attitude about weight loss and dieting changes. you won’t even focus on it. it won’t be something you’re thinking about because it will be something you’re doing. your earlier thoughts, the thoughts you filled your mind with before, will simply be manifesting themselves in your life. before you even realize it’s happening, you’ll be losing weight. you’ll realize it’s happening as your pants begin to sag, and the sizes begin to drop.


i know because this is exactly how it happened with me!

the sizes just kept dropping and i went down 4 sizes in a year. i know i could have done it faster, and with far greater results had my life not been turned upside down by stress but even that didn’t stop the earlier thoughts i filled my mind with.

i thought skinny and i have become skinnier!

you can do it too!


i’m doing it.

i love my body!

i am grateful for the changes it has gone through!

i am grateful for the weight loss and i know it will continue and i will reach my goal!

see it in your mind!

believe it in your thoughts!

have faith!

it will be!!!