I had the most amazing night!!!! I love Mike Doughty!!!!

last night the love of my life and I went to see the magnificent Mike Doughty. I completely lost my mind!!! he played every one of my favorite songs!!! I was dancing my ass off and singing along. my face still hurts from smiling so hard. at the end of the show I got to meet him. I asked if I could hug him and Mike said yes and hugged me back!!!! I asked him to sign my book and write something in my journal and he did!!!! I told him I loved him and that if he ever feels down to just remember how much he is loved!!! he thanked me for being his fan and coming to his show. I could die right now!!!













Dead Accounts w/ Katie Holmes

so my wonderful friend Melissa got tickets to see Dead Accounts with Katie Holmes for tonight and she invited me to come with her! I haven’t been to a Broadway play in ages and I am so looking forward to dinner and a show with my adult booba. lol. that’s my pet name for Melody and Melissa is my adult booba! tonight is going to be fun!!!! I’ll post a review of the show tomorrow. I’m excited to see Katie Holmes doing her thing since leaving that ding bat Tom Cruise. he’s such a lunatic. she seemed so sad while with him. he dimmed her light. I wasn’t a fan of hers before. she was just another actor to me but since leaving Tom she’s made her way onto this special list I have. I’m not really into pop culture nor do I follow the lives and happenings of stars. I have my own dramas. don’t need theirs BUT whenever I see a star breaking down it makes me worry for them because despite their fame, they’re still human beings who feel and suffer. like when Britney Spears was going through all that shit years back. I wasn’t a fan of hers but I am now. not because she’s talented, but because I felt for her, and watching her pick herself back up made me happy. same goes for Katie now. to see her bounce back like she has and plunge head first into her career without skipping a step makes me her biggest cheerleader. so tonight, Katie will be kicking ass and I am privileged enough to be a witness to it, with the pb to my j, MeliMel!!!!