Racism is false!

Nina Jablonski- Studied skin color/race.

Humans are 99.9% similar in every way.
Skin color is an evolutionary response to ultraviolet light. All of human kind started in East Africa, we know this because that is where we find the greatest diversity in the fossil record.

All humans are African.

The differences in skin color are a result of migration. Different areas of earth receive different levels of ultraviolet light.

As ppl migrated, their skin color was affected by the ultraviolet rays. Ppl who went to areas where there is more ultraviolet rays have darker skin. Ppl who went to places that had less have lighter skin.

This is simply the organism, humankind, adapting to changes in the environment. Vitamin D is necessary and it is not found in food. Our bodies produce it via exposure to ultraviolet rays. The problem is that too much ultraviolet rays can damage your body. Evolution works by making changes, slow gradual changes, that amount to better success in reproduction.

Obviously, ppl who livraceoser to the equator where there is a lot of exposure to ultraviolet rays are darker. Their dark skin allows them to absorb just the right amount of ultraviolet rays to produce the adequate amounts of Vitamin D to ensure survival. Same is true for light skinned ppl. They migrated to areas with less ultraviolet rays and their skin adapted, became lighter, so they could absorb more ultraviolet rays and hence, produce the right amount of Vitamin D for survival.

Evolution doesn’t care what you look like. Evolution only cares, and cares is the wrong word because it implies forethought and evolution doesn’t think-it just does, about survival of the species and the changes it imposes on an organism are done for that purpose alone.

There is no consciousness to it.

There is absolutely no difference between ppl. All humans are exactly the same but for .1% of their DNA. We are literally ALL RELATED!

Racism is false!

There is only one race of ppl, human. The differences in skin color are simply evolutionary and superficial. We are all the same.

Racism is a creation of man. We see with our eyes, the differences between us and make the erroneous assumption that the differences are greater than skin deep but they are not. There is nothing different about us below the surface.

Ignorance of this basic scientific fact is what keeps racist ideas alive. Humans, who choose ignorance over knowledge, have deeply ingrained ideas about race. They assume that ppl are different based on their appearances. They are wrong. The way we look is a result of evolution.

Case in point: In the animal kingdom, a dog is a different species of animal as a cat. A dog and a cat can not mate. This is what distinguishes species, their ability to mate and reproduce. If race were real, black ppl would only be able to mate with black ppl and white with white ppl and so on and so forth. This is obviously not true. Ppl of any skin color can mate and reproduce with ppl of any other skin color and the only thing that happens are babies of mixed skin tone, leaning towards either side of the spectrum, or smack dab in the middle. This fact alone proves we are all the same race/species. Taking into account the scientific development and understanding of DNA structures, scientists have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are identical in 99.9% of our genetic make up.

Racism is false.

We are all one race.

We are all one species.

Our differences beyond skin color are merely cultural.

I wish everyone could understand this. I wish that we could spread this message around the world and unite as one race/species. If we could stop all the infighting and work together, we could save ourselves, our planet and the amazingly biodiverse world in which we live. Until humankind understands this, things will continue on the course they have been for hundreds upon hundreds of years.


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