atheism is sexy

atheism is sexy.

it’s a thought that has been running around my head for days.

atheism is sexy.

why do I think so? it’s because it feels so to me.

religious guilt is not sexy. it does nothing to enhance a person’s self esteem. on the contrary. it teaches us that we are imperfect, worthy of punishment due to our flawed nature and causes us great grief and suffering. we aspire to be worthy in the eyes of god and because we are human, we never truly will be. it teaches us that a sacrifice was made for us and so we are guilted into gratitude for an event we never saw or took part in.

had I been there, I’d have stopped it! I wouldn’t have allowed it even if it meant my own death!

I would’ve preferred it over being born after the supposed fact and then being forever indebted for my salvation. moreover, why do I need saving? I don’t. I’m not in peril. on the contrary, I am alive and well. no need to be saved! if I were stranded on a deserted island then please, by all means, save me! but I’m not and don’t need saving. I am safe!

why is atheism sexy?

because when you remove the weight of religion from your psyche, you become truly free. free to be who you are without the fear of judgement. it adds air beneath your steps. it gives you a sense of certainty.

I am here and this is now and that is all that matters.

freedom from religion breaks down the walls put in place by a book writ thousands of years ago.

you are free and freedom is beautiful and beauty is sexy therefore, atheism is sexy.

so instead of being ashamed, I am proud.

I feel my atheism in my hips. each step I take on rational ground provides a gentle swaying that is profoundly sexy.

I feel my atheism in my smile. it is sly and knowing. it understands the nature of things and knows it is lucky for its understanding and curls its corners upwards as a result.

I feel my atheism in my eyes. they see the world differently. they no longer wonder in amazement at things that seem beyond comprehension. they know, for all things seen, there is a logical and scientific explanation. as a result, they glitter with curiosity and knowing!

what is yet unrevealed is simply awaiting the proper light to illuminate it.

they wait patiently because they know and knowing makes them sparkle.

my atheism is sexy.

it serves me better than religion ever did.

I profess.

I am not agnostic. I am not religious.

I am an atheist and I am sexy.


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