smoking is a sign of mental weakness.

if a person wants to quit, they need to commit to that desire wholeheartedly. even one cigarette is too many. the body has been conditioned to want one because of the addictive nature of nicotine and how quickly it leaves the system. people want a cigarette every couple of hours, sometimes even more often than that, because their nicotine levels drop and withdraws set it. it is uncomfortable and having another cigarette alleviates the discomfort by boosting nicotine levels. nicotine is not something your body naturally produces, so when levels drop, it can’t replenish without another cigarette. the body doesn’t want to be uncomfortable so it sends cues to the mind to get another cigarette. the mind, used to paying attention to the body when it wants something like food, water, warmth, etc., complies. this is when the mind needs to become stronger. it is at this moment that the mind becomes the weakest link. smoking is ultimately a sign of mental weakness. the mind knows that each cigarette is poisoning the body. it knows better even if the body doesn’t. the mind gives in to the body but it knows it shouldn’t. the mind needs to be tough to the body but doesn’t know how to. it has probably tried many times to overcome the body’s capriciousness for things like booze and smoking and other risky behavior but it has failed miserably. the mind must become stronger than the body in order to preserve the body and itself. if the body dies or becomes ill, the mind suffers. the very act of self preservation for the mind and it’s consciousness will save the body. the mind must become stronger than the body. this is how one quits smoking. strengthening the mind.


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