tough love

tough love. it’s a term that was so overused that it seems a little silly today but sometimes, you’ve got no choice but to give people tough love. sometimes, you gotta cut out all the bullshit, stop worrying about how a person will feel or if they’ll get hurt, and just get real and tell it like it is. people will call you a bitch, a bad friend, and god knows what else but let them. as long as you own your words and actions, you never have to apologize for telling people the honest truth as you see it.

we all have had that one friend, that one person who no matter what you tell them, how hard you try to uplift them, no matter the advice or the support you provide them, nothing reaches them. days turn to months turn to years and their situation never improves and they still have the same excuses.

at some point, you have to say enough is enough and stop spending your precious energy on them. you just have to stop!

when you do, they’ll call you a bad friend for abandoning them and completely forget all the times you were there to help them pick up the pieces. still stop.

don’t let proving yourself keep you in a lose lose situation. no friendship is worth that amount of stress.

rest assured in the fact that you tried and that you left when you knew there was nothing else you could do.

know that even in walking away, you are being a good friend because a good friend knows when to tell a friend, enough is enough.

a bad friend will never tell you a thing to steer you in the right direction and a bad friend will try their hardest to convince you that you’re doing swell when you’re absolutely not.

so walk away if you must but do it with your head held high, not so much out of pride but because you have nothing to be ashamed of.


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