Dayna Morales, Let Me Tip You!

Dayna Morales, Let Me Tip You!

I read a story on MSN this morning that turned my stomach and while I normally try to keep it positive on here, I felt the need to post this up. I plan on contacting this restaurant and hopefully speaking to this server or her manager. I feel the need to make amends to her on behalf of these ignorant people. 


What angers me about this whole thing is that they didn’t need to do that. When they sat down and saw that she was gay, they could have asked to be served by someone else or asked to be re-seated in another server’s area. They didn’t need to make her serve them, for however long they were there, only to not leave her a tip and leave that ignorant note. Disgusted isn’t even the appropriate way for me to describe how reading this made me feel. I feel like she deserves a reward for putting up with that. Maybe a campaign can be started where people donate 20% of the bill to her. If enough people donate 20% then maybe she can go on a cruise. She waits tables so she probably can’t afford a nice trip.  



I don’t need to be served by you. I don’t need to even meet you. I’m so sad and angry that you were treated like this, I will send you 20% of that bill as your tip. 






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