NYCTAPER.COM is super duper dope!!!

my favorite website is and my favorite artist is mike doughty. if you go to that website and search his name, you’ll find shows of his from earlier this year that were recorded and posted for listeners like me and you to enjoy. I went to both of those shows and you can actually hear me shouting in both recordings. what I love about these recordings over the albums are the crowd’s reactions to songs when they start. for example, at the city winery show on July 31st, he sings Sunken Eyed Girl. it’s the eleventh song he sings but it’s the fifteenth track on the recording due to “banter.” when the song starts the crowd is silent but then they recognize the song after the first lyrics and they all scream and shout. I love it. every time I hear it, I listen for my voice which I recognize throughout but when the entire crowd rouses a collective whoop, no matter how many times I listen to the recordings, I get goosebumps. so yeah, if you want to hear some good tunes, go to they records shows throughout NYC and they have many great shows to listen to there. I personally only ever listen to mike, but that’s cause I can’t stop listening to him. believe me, I’ve tried and I just can’t!!! lol. I love him. not like in love, just love. I’m so grateful to the universe that he exists, that he sings, and that I can hear, and can enjoy him. he’s sooooooo awesome!!!


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