The First Show of The Tour

so I went to another Mike Doughty show on the 16th of October. first, I’d like to say, Mike has come full circle from where he was in the 90s. where these songs were awesome when they were put together back then, they also were imbued with a sadness and frustration that wasn’t truly evident until hearing these songs redone today. Mike has come a long way and his reimagined Soul Coughing songs prove this. back then, as he detailed in his memoir, he was in a state of turmoil and suffering. the discord between him and his band mates and the feeling of being taken advantage of, was underlying the magic in the music. he hated that period of his life even though he fought hard to get there. for years, after the dissolution of the band, Mike wouldn’t even strum the rhythm of one of those songs by accident. fans would come to shows and shout requests for Soul Coughing songs only to be met with ire and statements like “I don’t play those songs any more!” I imagine some fans were so disgruntled by that response that they left those shows and never came back to another Mike Doughty show again. but then there are the true die hard fans, the ones who didn’t care and loved him anyway. the ones who devoured every outpouring of emotion in every chord and lyric of his solo career. we, the die hards, waited patiently. we knew this day would come. when he wrote his memoir, it stirred up all those negative emotions and something inside of him-or perhaps outside of him- shouted, “YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WAY THESE SONGS FEEL! RE-RECORD THEM NOW!!!” and so, he created a pledge music page and asked his fans for help and of course, we did, one dollar at a time, we donated to the cause and the end result is now available in iTunes and record stores throughout the country. for those of us who dug deep into our pockets for cash to fund the album, he rewarded us in different ways. I got my name in the credits of the album and others got to do really cool things like smash one of his guitars on stage. for us, the treasure is the songs! when you hear them you feel it! the sadness is gone and it is replaced with JOY! one of the things Mike hated was the sampling. it was never quite what he wanted. today, he is on the sampler and it isn’t work, he’s playing. his glee is evident with every tweak of a knob, every push of a button. so as I stood there, surrounded by other die hards, we all danced and sung along and marveled at the madness! the rebirth of the magic! it was emotional and exhilarating. I remember looking down at my hands and seeing them tremble and I realized, “I’m shaking! his energy is make me shake!” and so I am honored and overjoyed to share these few pics I snapped at the show. enjoy.








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