so I’m not in the greatest mood this morning. seasonal allergies are killing me. I have such a headache from congestion that I really would have preferred to stay in bed today. then my express train decided it would switch to the local track and everyone got off thinking the next express train would go express. it arrives and it too is going local so I should have stayed on the first train because now I’m doubly delayed. probably going to be about fifteen minutes late to work now. aggravated.


I know what this is. this is life. it will always present you with obstacles and how you deal or cope with them will determine how grounded in truth and how enlightened you are.

knowing this, I also know my frequency is not what it should be right now. somehow, it is not as elevated as I’d like it to be. external factors have dimmed it or rather, I have allowed external factors to dim it. so let’s see if I can’t raise it back to wear it should be by the time I get to work.

what do I have to be upset about? that I’m going to be late to work? well it’s not my fault. I have no control over the MTA and what they do so why be upset over something I can do nothing to change? so I’m done being upset about it in 3…2…1…DONE.

I’ll do a delay verification request as soon as I get to my desk and when I get it, I’ll show my bosses so I won’t have to charge my personal time or mark my time as tardy. problem solved!

allergies messing with me? well there’s nothing I can do about that either. it’s biology. I took a Claritin this morning and yesterday and they help a little but this is simply an annoyance I’ll have to deal with because it’s not something I can magically snap my fingers and make go away. eventually, when fall turns into winter, whatever it is that is in the air kicking my ass will dissipate and I won’t have to feel like a leaky snot faucet again until spring! hooray for seasonal allergies! done being upset about that in 3…2…1… DONE!

ok. so now what??? oh…there’s nothing??? ggggrrrrrrrreeeaaaatttt! that’s what it is and this is actually quite simple. I don’t quite yet feel like my frequency has been raised but it will happen and is happening. I bet by the time I make it to work and press post on this entry I will feel like a million bucks. a million bucks with head congestion but still, a million bucks is a million bucks!!!

so this is a trick. when you feel off kilter, make a mental check list of what you believe to be the cause or causes of your immediate demeanor or frequency. as you go down the list, analyze the issues and dismantle them. when you get to the last item on the list, you’ll feel better because you’ll have realized that usually what had you feeling crappy was minor or unimportant.

you see, my wonderful public transportation system is unreliable. you’d think in a city like mine, where so many people depend on it, that it would be better but it’s not. just a few months back, my start time at work was 8am but I changed it to 8:30am because the trains would get all crazy on me and I’d get to work late. I still leave my house at the same time I did when I started at 8am but I get there around 8:20am on a good day. it is what it is. I used to get really mad. I’d spend the entire time looking at the clock or my phone, estimating how late I would be, willing the train to move faster, but it wouldn’t. I’d get to work so upset and this would set my mood for the rest of the day. as you saw already, I’m working on this whole frequency thing so that what I just described isn’t the case today.

I’ve learned that certain things require one thing and one thing only.


that is all. accept that which you have no control over and move beyond whatever feeling it provokes in you. feel the feeling and accept it but don’t dwell in it, especially if it is a negative feeling like aggravation or annoyance. feel the feeling but don’t let the feeling become you. once you’ve done that, you’ve given the mind the reigns and it will be at the helm of your life energy for however long you let it.

so I actually feel much better. not physically because my allergies are the wackness but at least my mood is better. I’ve accepted the circumstance and am passed it. my frequency has already been elevated and I’m not even at my stop yet. it’s ten minutes until my start time and I’m about fifteen minutes away but that’s cool. I’m not worried about it. I’m good at my job and my bosses appreciate my work so it’s not like I’m scared about getting fired or bitched at. I’m good.

so this has been a practice session for me and an example session for you. you see what I’ve done here and you can tell from the start to the end of this post that my frequency was low and now it’s high. you’ve witnessed just by reading this how easy it is to get back to where you want to be emotionally and spiritually even when it seems that everything is working against you. remember, it only seems like that because in all actuality, the Universe is ALWAYS WORKING IN YOUR FAVOR.



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