Complaining Challenge!!

challenge for any day

don’t complain. we complain about the stupidest shit sometimes. even this post is going to be a complaint about complaining.

and most of our complaining isn’t even audible!!!

think about it.

our minds are constantly going. racing even. it’s a difficult task to shut up the mind. if you really hear your mind, it’s always bitching.

you’re probably asking yourself, “hear my mind? WTF is this crazy bitch talking about???”

most of us don’t even realize we’re doing this because we’ve been doing this our entire thinking life but I have a task for you. check it:

wherever you are right now, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. when I say focus, I mean really focus. inhale slowly and exhale slowly. do this but really concentrate on it. you see, breathing is an involuntary action. our bodies just do it, we don’t have to think about it. it just does it. but when you focus your mind on it, you manage to shut it up for a few minutes, or seconds, if you’re lucky. while your doing this, hear! not externally but internally. I can bet you any amount of money that after a few minutes your mind will lose it’s focus on your breathing and start thinking about other shit. bills, the commute, what to wear, your weight, whatever. your mind can’t stay quiet for long (it can with practice but it’s a full time job at the start). now that your mind has started speaking again, really hear it. notice I said hear, and not listen. listening is much deeper than hearing. listening implies absorbing and I don’t want you to absorb what it’s saying so don’t listen. just hear it. now answer this next question:

what is your mind saying?

I can pretty much guarantee that it is negative. everyone I ask this to always says it’s negative.

“Joey’s teacher wants to have a sit-down. what’s that kid getting into now?”

“Moms not feeling well. gotta schedule her a doctors appointment. I hope she doesn’t need a specialist. will it be covered on our insurance?”

“Gotta get the oil changed in the car but I’m broke and my tires are bald.”

this is madness. our minds don’t shut up and all it’s doing is muddling our thinking and filling it with complaints and negativity.

I wish my mind was a person. I’d grab it by its shoulders and shake it until it shut up. I’d slap it and tell it to get a grip!!! (picture the line of ppl slapping the hysterical lady in the movie Airplane.) yeah. that’s what I’d do dammit! but I digress…

the point I’m trying to make here is that when we allow our mind to constantly speak unchecked, what it says is no good. before long, what it’s saying comes out of your mouth. you’ll find yourself criticizing, judging, but mostly COMPLAINING!

“it’s too cold.” “it’s too hot.” “I’m hungry but I don’t like that.” and the list goes on and on.

so I challenge you to stop complaining. this won’t be easy but it’s not as hard as it may seem. if you stop complaining, even for just one day, you’ll start to see things differently, and feel things differently! I promise.

so hear your mind, and negate its negativity with positivity.

when you step out of your home and it’s blistering cold out, instead of letting your mouth say what your mind is thinking, say the opposite.

for instance, personally, I abhor cold weather. I was born in the spring so my favorite seasons are spring and fall and summer is tolerable to me. winter is my worst enemy. all I do is complain about how cold it is and now that fall is well underway, I dread having to wear my coat, scarf, gloves, ugh. but I’m going to change this NOW! when I leave my house and it’s cold, my mind immediately starts to complain. I don’t even know why. it’s not like “it” feels the cold encased in my skull the way it is! LOL! so as soon as I hear it start its bitching, I will audibly say something along the lines of, “mmmmm! what a wonderfully crisp morning!” and be on my way. every times mind says something negative, I will negate it by audibly saying something positive.

so I ask you to take my challenge. just for today. stop complaining. find something positive to say out loud immediately when a negative thought starts up in your head. you can do it. don’t knock yourself when you catch yourself reverting to the negative thought patterns. this won’t be easy to do for 24 hours, but even if you manage this for a half an hour, you’ve accomplished something. you shut that fucker up for thirty minutes! pat yourself on the back and keep trying.

what’s so cool about this is that when you do this, your whole mood changes. you smile more, you’re happier, you’re more helpful to others, you become a ray of sunshine! that’s how you will be able to gauge whether or not you’ve reverted back to the negative thought pattern. ask yourself how you’re feeling. imagine what your face looks like. are you frowning? are you smiling? are your brows furrowed or relaxed? these are your signals. these are your signposts! by asking yourself these questions, you can determine what your mind is thinking without even actually hearing it. that might not make clear sense to you but remember, I’m just a regular person. I don’t have a PhD and I went to school to be an english teacher for crying out loud, not a therapist!! so I may not necessarily be explaining this to the best of my ability but bare with me and you’ll see and understand what I’m trying to say here. I promise!!!

think you’re up for the challenge? I bet you are but your stupid mind is saying to you right now that you can’t. that’s what it’s good at. being negative. shut it up again and say the opposite, “YES I CAN AND YES I WILL!”

no go! do it!! and if you’d be so kind, let me know how it works out.



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