this is my open letter to those I’ve hurt

I’ve never been a hurtful person. I never set out to hurt people for no reason. sure, there was about one year of junior high where I was a bully but that was after years of being bullied. otherwise, I’ve mostly tried to be kind and genuine to everyone I meet.

sometimes, I’ve failed.

that’s what this post is about.

this is my open letter to those I’ve hurt.

I may have lashed out to you over something you did or said but my reaction was emotional and perhaps angry and as a result, I may have hurt you. maybe at the moment I felt you deserved it but in hind sight I know I was just as wrong as you were.

I see now there is truly no justification for being hurtful and the only person responsible for hurting is the person causing the pain.

even if someone provokes you, you are always in control of your reaction to the provocation.

someone may call you a bitch, screw your mate, steal from you, or whatever nonsense and that may make you wanna lash out but it is at that moment that you become responsible.

you are responsible for your actions and your reactions, entirely.

I take responsibility now.

I am responsible.

so if I hurt you, for whatever reason, I’m sorry. I apologize, truly.

I know now how to control my emotions and how to control my reactions to things. that’s not to say I’m now a doormat. it’s just to say I’ve grown as a person and do not need to justify my actions towards anyone based on what they’ve done or not done for or to me.

I will not be the way I’ve been.

if you call me a bitch, I’ll say “Thanks and have a blessed day!”

I’ve learned to keep my frequency high so when I encounter people who are rumbling on a low frequency, they don’t affect me like they once did. I know as long as I maintain my frequency, I’ll not be the cause of hurt or pain to anyone.

so that is just one of my missions.

another is to forgive myself for the hurt I’ve caused.

so whether you reading this have felt pain or hurt caused by me, and don’t want to forgive me, that’s fine because I’ve already forgiven me. just try to remember, when you harbor resentment and anger and hurt towards someone, you’re only really hurting yourself.

so forgive me, for YOUR sake.

the Buddha once said, “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

stop killing yourself.

forgive, forget, and learn to love again.

you don’t have to love me.

just love yourself.

when you truly love yourself, you can’t hate anyone else. love and forgiveness are such huge emotions that their vibrations shake out all negativity and leave no room for anything else. love and forgiveness take over and attract more good things like magnets.

so that’s my goal.

I love me.
I love who I’ve become.
I’m not the person I was yesterday and I’ll be even better tomorrow than I am today.

I forgive me.
I will no longer feel badly for hurting anyone in my past because I have forgiven myself.

I apologize.
I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. I hope you can forgive me, for your sake.

I forgive you. I no longer feel angry or hurt by you or what you’ve done to me. I’ve moved on from those negative emotions and have replaced them with love and forgiveness.

you are forgiven.

you are loved.


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