Thank You Universe

I just found $60 on the ground!! someone is gonna be pissed when they realize they lost it. last week I lost $20 but I didn't get mad. I always tell myself when I lose money that I lost it because whoever found it needed it more than me. I paid my lawyer more than half of my paycheck this past pay period and when I checked my account yesterday, I had overdrawn by $40! no worries because I have overdraft protection but still! I say that to clearly state how truly broke I am at the start of this week. I wouldn't have had money again until tomorrow when child support gets deposited and until Wednesday when payday rolls in again. dirt poor, living check to check but not stressing because all my needs are currently met!!! so I was just rolling with the punches as I usually do. chin up, at all times!!!! then I look down, and boom! three twenties laying on the ground at my feet! if THAT wasn't the UNIVERSE looking out for me, I don't know what is. so to the person that lost this money, thank you. please don't be upset. I really needed it! I hope you're not too much at a loss. your day is coming!!!

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