three day old fish stinks

my dad used to say “three day old fish stinks” and I never really understood what he meant by that until now.

when I was a kid, like most kids, I’d make a friend and that friend and I would be together all the time. either I would be at their house all the time or they would be at mine. he would say that line and it would annoy me like what the fuck is he talking about???

now I get it.

no one wants to have outsiders in their house everyday. your home is your sanctuary. your home is where you get away from the world. you get up, go to work, and come home with the mindset to relax and unwind and let the day melt away. sadly, when you come home from work to find a boatload of people in your house everyday, you can’t do that. you start to dislike the people who are always in your house. you start to ask yourself, why don’t they go home, why are they always over, don’t they get the picture that they’ve outworn their welcome? and then it hit me!

THEY are the THREE DAY OLD FISH my dad always spoke about!

and yes Dad, you were right, they do stink.

they are fucking stinking up the joint!

my roommate is a wonderful person. he’s the best roommate we’ve ever had and I can say that with my whole heart but he has a girlfriend with a 5 year old daughter who have gotten into the habit of coming over every single day. everyday I come home from work and see them there and that wouldn’t be a problem if the girlfriend’s daughter wasn’t such a huge pain in the ass.

my daughter is 2 years old and she sees that little girl and gets so excited because she sees her as a playmate. when they first started coming over the little girl was 4 and still very much a baby but today she is a spoiled brat who mistreats my daughter.

the day before yesterday she was violent towards my daughter and it was everything in me not to slap the shit out of her. I controlled myself because I don’t hit my own child, let alone someone else’s, but when that little girl shoved my daughter out of the bedroom causing her to fall on the floor and then slammed a door in her face, what I wanted to do was the exact same thing to her so she could see how it feels. instead I spoke to her mother and went off about it. I was so angry my hands were trembling.

you would think that after that incident that the girlfriend would get the hint and stay the fuck home for a while and let me stop being angry about her daughter being a bully to mine who is still a baby but noooooooooooope!

guess who was at my house when I got home from work last night???

that’s right!

you guessed it!

her and her daughter.

she made her daughter apologize to Melody and me but saying you’re sorry because your parent told you to and actually being sorry are two different things. she only said she was sorry because she was told to, otherwise she wouldn’t have.

so now I want to keep my daughter away from that little girl because I know myself and if I catch her being abusive to my daughter again, the cops will have to be called because I will be slapping that kid and if her mom steps in, I’ll be slapping her too.

I’m usually a non-violent person and I don’t want to get arrested for assault but I’ll be God Damned if I let some outsider come into my daughter’s home and bully her and be physically abusive to her.

more than that, my daughter is still so innocent that she doesn’t even realize she’s being mistreated. she can express herself pretty well and she said in her little 2 year old voice, “Beebly hurt my feelings.” (Beebly is what she calls my roommate’s gf’s daughter because she doesn’t know how to pronounce her name yet.) despite having had her feelings hurt she still wants to play with her. she has pretty much forgotten how this little girl shoved her and slammed a door in her face. she only knows that this little girl is the only little person who frequents our home often so she considers her her only friend and when she comes over it’s playtime.

it’s me who notices that this child is possessed by Satan and that when she comes over she snatches my daughter’s toys and makes a mess in my already messy room and whines and complains all the damn time. this child has no home training and when children don’t know how to behave outside of their own homes that means you should leave their asses at home until they do! you don’t bring them over to someone else’s house 24/7 and expect the people who live there to accept that they are brats on the strength that “oh, she’s just a kid.”

fuck that shit!

kids will never learn that their behavior affects how people view them until you teach them. she should sit her daughter down and explain to her that her visiting privileges have been temporarily revoked due to her behavior and not just tell her to apologize and expect everyone to be like “apology accepted” because NO! I don’t accept it. I refuse to accept it! NO!

I was in labor for three whole days from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon. I fought tooth and nail to have my daughter when I found out I was pregnant when everyone and their mother, right down to her very own dad, wanted me to have an abortion. so now that she is here, I’ll be God Damned if I turn a blind eye to her being mistreated by anyone, I don’t care how old the person is, 5 years old or 90! I will defend my child like a lioness protects her cubs and mother fuckers will see my claws and teeth bared and me ready to pounce should they try to hurt my kid!

and I don’t want to hear that kids will be kids.


I’m not raising a bully and kids do what is done to them so if I allow someone to bully my child, how will it look to my child when I chastise her for being a bully? no way Jose! that shit is not gonna fly.

so last night I locked myself and my daughter in our room to keep my child away from hers and that isn’t fair!

how the fuck does that look!?

my child is in her own home!

my child is the one who was abused!

and now it’s my child who is forced to be on lockdown simply because this woman can’t get the hint to stay the fuck home with her kid that has no home training?

her kid is the bully but it’s mine who is being punished by not being able to roam around our home freely because this 5 year old bully comes over every single day???

so I sent my roommate a lengthy text message telling him to tell his gf to stay the fuck home or to come over alone or for him to visit them in their house instead of them coming over everyday and spending every night of the weekend at our house. I told him to tell her to pick one night, either Friday or Saturday night to sleep over but not both. this ain’t a damn motel and like my dad always said, three day old fish stinks!!! she would’ve spent Sunday night here too had her daughter not done what she did and had I not told my roommate to tell them to go home because Sunday night IS NOT THE WEEKEND!

they’ve outworn their welcome and we need a break from having so much company over all the damn time. it would be nice to come home and find only the people who live in my house IN MY HOUSE! I’m tired of all these outsiders coming over thinking they run shit. the only princess in my house is my daughter and anyone who comes over acting like they’re the boss needs to take their happy ass back home. ugh! it’s to the point where I’m angry about it and I shouldn’t be.

I hope that after today my roommate tells his gf what I said or else I will and I’m not going to be nice about it. I can’t be nice because nice doesn’t get you the results you want and I want peace in my home and having that demon child over everyday harassing my daughter is not peace!

there is a reason my nickname is MytchieMitch and it’s because as nice as I am, I have a reputation for being a BITCH! I’m the sweetest person alive but when you cross me, the absolute bitch that I am rears it’s ugly head. she’s just waiting in the wings for an opportunity to pounce and I have to try my hardest to keep her at bay. I’m hoping that the text I sent my roommate accomplishes that because if I have to say it to his gf, the bitch will be loose and once she’s out there is no getting her back in.


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