as the chorus says to Ajax…

“what use is regret for what can’t be undone? nothing can be what it is not.”

2500 years ago, Sophocles wrote plays about the human condition that are still relevant today. why? because humans don’t change. we are the same as we were then and the lessons we have still not learned from then repeat themselves today over and over again.

why are we so stupid? why don’t we learn from our mistakes?


we don’t think we make any. or at least, we don’t recognize when we make them. not right away at least. hence the adage, hindsight is 20/20.

this is why so many people grow bitter with age. recognizing their own failures and their inability to change them. once the present becomes the past, there is no altering it. this is why it is important to be vigilant of your present day actions. the present becomes the past so quickly that unless you are mindful, your life will be filled with regret and remorse.

there are people who claim they have no regrets. I call these people liars. everyone regrets something. whether it’s big or small is irrelevant. the fact is, not a single person alive has lived completely free of regret.

I have my share. I struggle with them like the best of us. they keep me up at night and make it so I rise from bed unrested and distressed. I get up, get ready for work, drop my crying daughter off at her baby sitter and rush to the train. today I regret having forgotten my coffee at the store after I paid for it. I really wish I had it now as I ride this crowded train, sandwiched between two people tightly. at least I have a seat tho.


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