Mike Doughty 6/19

Tickets bought!!!

The best thing my last relationship gave me was knowledge of Mike Doughty. Now, I’m so obsessed with his voice and lyrics that I have vowed to go see him whenever he performs in the boroughs and/or closely neighboring areas.

On 6/19 he is performing in Brooklyn!!!! It’s a Wednesday night but I’m taking the 20th off from work so I can really cut loose that night.

I love him sooooo much! He is sooooo AWESOME!

I have never been one to be a “groupie” before. I actually have never liked any artist or star as much as I like Mike Doughty. It’s like I’m making up for never having liked New Kids on the Block or N’sync or Backstreet or whatever other group chicks obsessed over growing up.

When I hear his voice I feel like I’m living what he is writing. I find myself quoting his lyrics in conversations with friends. I believe I’ve shared his music with everyone I know and people who I know wouldn’t give a listen to music like his before are begging for burns of his cds because he IS JUST THAT GOOD!

I have never wanted to be someone’s friend more than I wish I could be his friend. It isn’t even like I’m enamored with him in a romantic way! I just wish I could have coffee with him once in a while, share stories and laugh together. I wish that he’d pick up his phone and call me and say “Hey Mytchie, watchadoin tonight? Feel like hanging out?” and me be like, “Oh hey Mike, I’m free. I’d love to chill!” I feel like a weirdo just writing that here but it is truly how I feel about the man. In a recording I have of his concert at the City Winery, you can hear me in the background calling him my brother. That’s the closest I can describe my love for him. It’s familial. And all because he is such a good writer and artist. Damn I can’t say it enough!

I love Mike Doughty!!!!!

Can’t wait for June 19th. Tickets are on sale now. Standing room. Go to his website to get the link for the tickets. They’re cheap too!!! Only $25 bucks.


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