found baby found two dads

a long time ago a man found a baby on the train. the city tried to find it’s parents to no avail. then the courts granted the man custody of the baby. the man and his boyfriend have raised the child and became his dads. that child is a preteen now. the three have lived a happy and loving and fulfilling family life. these types of stories restore my faith in humanity.


public bathroom etiquette

ok, so here goes another rant. 

at my new job, we have a public bathroom that is for the sole use of employees in the building. visitors to the building have their own bathroom. ours actually has a keypad on it so only employees can use that bathroom. 

anyway, the building management graciously provides toilet seat covers in every stall. i love that. 



i still find the toilet seats covered in urine! 

i don’t get it! i understand that some people just refuse to sit on a public toilet seat, even with toilet seat covers readily available but what i don’t get is why these women hover over the seat, piss all over it and then don’t wipe it off when they’re done. 

so i posted a notice and picture of a toilet seat covered in urine as well as the toilet seat covers. maybe these nasty ladies will clean their piss of the seats!!! Image


the following was in the notice: 

I’ll never understand why women in this building insist on hovering over the toilet seat to urinate and then don’t have the common decency to wipe their urine off of the toilet seat so that the next person doesn’t have to do it! Moreover, our building management graciously provides toilet seat covers so there is no excuse for urinating all over the seat. Be courteous of the other women on the floor! Either use the toilet seat covers or, if you must hover, wipe your urine off the toilet seat before exiting the stall! It’s disgusting when you don’t! You know who you are!