the power of a good deed to uplift your spirits…

feeling down?

hating life right about now?

well i have a sure fire way to make you feel better and start loving life again.

we have all heard before how great it is to do at least one good deed a day, no matter how small. there is a reason why doing a good deed a day makes those who practice this happier people than those that don’t. believe it or not, it is medical and scientifically proven!!!!

so why aren’t more people doing this? maybe they just don’t know!

I’ve always enjoyed doing small acts of kindness and helping people. I realize that i’m just one of those people, who gets something great out of the experience. sure, I’ve been hurt and screwed over by people I’ve helped in the past but that hasn’t shaken my resolve to be a warm and loving person to the world at large. it feels damn good to be me and I don’t care if other people think I’m strange or a sucker or too kind. I am who I am! and I love who I am!

so yesterday I found a 32gb thumb drive on the subway platform as I waited for my train home. I picked it up and thought, “I’m going to find the owner to this and return.” I didn’t think of how I would do it but I definitely knew that I would exhaust every possible avenue to find them and return it. when I got to work this morning, I plugged it into my computer and started examining the files, trying to figure out who the owner was. I figured out who the owner was and then started to look for some mode of contact for the owner. by searching her last name in the drive, I found email addresses for her and several family members. I sent emails to all the addresses, asking that whoever received them let the owner know I had her thumb drive. I hoped someone would and got to work. a little while later I receive an email from the owner saying how grateful she is that I found her drive and was so adamant about returning it. turns out, she will be at the train station at the same time as me later on today and we will get to meet and I will be able to give her back her drive then. this has totally made my day and i can just feel the endorphin’s releasing in my body making me feel like I have a halo! LOL! sure, this is a small thing and it is only a thumb drive but the drive was filled with files that must have been important to the owner and I would want someone to do that for me if they could so it became my mission to find her and return it. I’m so happy that I was able to find her and she’s happy that she’ll get her belonging back.

restored my faith in humanity!!!! I think so!!!


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