to be financially secure means…

freedom from debt.

debt is modern day slavery and credit companies and banks and student loans enslave all of us.

it is so easy to fall victim to unfair lenders.

like in a casino, house wins.

well creditors are the casino and we are the losers sitting at the slots looking for the next big win.

take charge!!

make sacrifices!!

live well below your means!!

if you’re bogged down by debt, focus all of your energies to eliminating that debt.

go without new things.

go without amenities.


once you’re free from debt and have all you’re money at your disposal, you can afford to buy luxuries and splurge.

until then, tighten up.


2 responses to “to be financially secure means…

  1. I’m on the same road as you are! 🙂 paying down my debts! I don’t want to be a broke when I become a journeyman but have a disposable income ;). A sacrifice well worth it!!!

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