as you sit there
high upon your pedestal
I wonder how long it took
for you to climb there
how many crimes you had to forget
having commit
in order to sit there comfortably
looking down from high up on your perch
at the rest of us
disdain in your eyes
no one good enough
to sit as high as you

you arrange your morals around you like statues
they are better than ours
shiny and polished and without a spec of dust
they glitter and glow in the sunlight
they cast shadows down upon the rest of us
shroud us in the darkness which is our lot
because we don’t have a seat up high like yours

oh how they comfort you
how they convince you of your greatness
how they reveal to you our mediocrity

yes you are great for having them
we are not

let them save you if teeter too close to the edge
let them keep you company and laugh at all your jokes
you are so much better than everyone you know and through your morals it shows

you can do no wrong

perfection has a name and it is yours

you never make mistakes
you’re never wrong

your judgements are always just and valid
no one else’s are

you’re always right. so perfect.

that’s why you’re alone. no one is perfect enough for you.

that’s why you’re childless. no child is good enough for you.

that’s why you’re still waiting.

because perfection caught the late train. she met someone less perfect along the way. decided they were perfect enough and forgot all about you.

we will all forgot about you.
perched so high looking down.
we will all forget you.



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