my daughter told me she loves me this morning.

my most precious person told me she loves me this morning. she woke up crying and fussing this morning so I sent her to grandma’s room while I finished getting ready. as I was walking to the door I heard her crying. so I went into grandma’s room to kiss her and tell her I loved her. she didn’t want me to leave this morning. she is laying in the bed writhing and crying. I lean down over her to smooch her up and she throws her arms around my neck and lets me kiss her. I tell her repeatedly, “I love you booba, I love you. don’t cry, I love you” and she is squeezing my neck and holding me, little tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks and then she said it. more than once. she said, in the midst of sobs, “I love you, mama, I love you.” my mom says, “did you hear her? she said I love you.” and I gave her a bunch more kisses and told her I loved her again and then she said it again. as I pulled away from her, she cried even harder. I wish I could have stayed home so I could hear her tell me she loves me all day long. my baby girl is learning to talk and everyday she says more and more things. at night, I sing her the ABCs as her lullaby and she’ll sing with me until she knocks out. she doesn’t know the entire alphabet yet but every night she says it clearer and clearer. she knows where to find her apps on my phone. I just give it her and she unlocks it and goes to town. thank you Father God for sending me my angel. she’s such a blessing and such a gift. thank you for deeming me worthy to be her mother. I miss her all day during work. I rush home to be with her. who needs nights out on the town? who needs weekends away? I have my baby and being with her is like a permanent vacation. love her so much.





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