super Grover

check out Mel playing with her new toy!


she’s got a sour puss on in the second pic because I kept stopping her play to take a pic.


2 responses to “super Grover

  1. I basically went ape sh*t with excitement when I saw these pics. I didn’t know there was a Super Grover action figure.

    I’ve already placed my order with Amazon. This is awesome! Thanks for the share.

    • he is sooooo cool too. his arms move, his head moves back and forth and his mouth moves when he talks. he says “helloooooo everybodyyyyyyyyy” and when he flies he says “up up and away” and makes whooshing sounds and remember how he would always crash land? he makes crash landing noises. they have the other characters too but Grover was always my favorite. you’re very welcome! I’m trying to post something everyday and I’m glad today’s post brought you some enjoyment. can’t wait until you get him. post pics!!!

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