my future in law enforcement (I wanna be an FBI agent)

wow man. four days in. got some important phone calls to make in the coming week. Sallie Mae, that dirty cunt will be after my money. might as well get on that now that it’s the start of a new year and I promised myself that I would get my finances in order this year.

my goals are to rebuild my credit, tackle these school loans and build a college fund for Melody so that she never has to take out a loan for school. and even if she doesn’t go to school, I want her to have enough money to start her own life when the time comes. I want to teach her about money and how not to ruin her credit like I did. I want to give her every advantage I didn’t have. my parents failed me. they never taught me about credit because they had none. I didn’t know any of what I know now and that’s why I’m in this financial mess. I will get out of it. of that I am sure but in the meantime, I will do all I can to prevent her from winding up in the same boat as me.

I’m going to contact my union at my new job this coming week. they have a credit counseling program that I’m sure will come in handy. they also have great insurance plans. I want to get life insurance on myself and Melody. the benefits at this new gig are amazing but I guess that’s how it is when you work in the government.

I know I just started this job but I’m already thinking about where I’ll go from here. that’s how it should be. never relent. never be satisfied. always strive for more and more. I think I want to be an FBI agent. I could get there from here. my job is as an official investigator for the state. what I’ll learn here can propel me into a job in law enforcement. in all actuality, I’m already in law enforcement. just not law like a detective for the NYPD or FBI or CIA. haha. either way, I think that’s where I want to end up. with a gun and a badge!!!! I can do it! I’m sure I can!!!

I bet I’d look fuken sexy as an FBI agent or Detective for the NYPD!!! think Olivia from Special Victims Unit!!! omg!!! moisture!!! lol.

ok! so far so good! post a day bitches!!!






3 responses to “my future in law enforcement (I wanna be an FBI agent)

  1. Am I the only one that’s following you?? I feel like a stalker!! lol.
    I’m in the same boat as you when it’s comes to credit. I have made a promise to start paying off one credit card a year. I just recently pulled my credit report and it’s not bad, it’s just a lot of cleaning up to do.
    So cheers to cleaning up our credit for a better future!! :0)

    And as you being a FBI Agent, that will be hotness!!! and that’s right mamas, if you could reach for the stars, Go for it!! Never Settle!!!

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