day 3 of 2013

so I saw my man last night for a few. it sucks not being able to see him all the time. the holidays haven’t helped at all. we bickered but our bickering always ends in kissing and laughing. he is really silly and so am I. I love to make him laugh.

my daughter said a new word to me last night. as I was feeding her dinner she takes a mouthful of food, chews and swallows and looks at me and says, “taytee” which I take to mean “tasty.” I damn near melted.

I have been trying to get her to say her name but I went and gave her a name with three syllables. shit is hard for her to say. then to make matters worse, I have a pet name for her and she thinks that’s her name!!! haha! I call her Booba but her name is Melody. so last night after dinner I started asking her what her name is and her first response was “Booba” and I said “nooooooooooo, Melody.” she got frustrated after I kept saying, “say Melody, say Melody,” and started trying to get away from me. she starts jumping on the bed with no fear but then she said it. as she was jumping she was saying, “Melody, Melody, Melody!” and I was literally squealing. I tackled her and started smothering her in kisses and tickling her.

later on she had a fit because I wouldn’t give her money. she has a piggy bank and whenever she finds a quarters or any change on the floor, she wants to put it in her piggy. so last night she had about 35 cents and I got her piggy for her. after she put the change in, she wanted more so I grabbed my wallet and started giving her my change. every time she put a coin in she screamed. when she finished she wanted more money and kept saying, “mama, muneeee” with her hand outstretched. when I told her I didn’t have anymore she lost it! screaming and crying. I told her to stop it because she was being ungrateful but that is still something she hasn’t really figured out. I mean she is only two years old for crying out loud.

this morning as I prepared for work she woke up crying. the first thing I did was make her a morning bottle so when I heard her crying from the bathroom I ran into our room and gave her kisses and her bottle. she fell back to sleep and looked so angelic. I love that girl. she truly is the light of my life.

anyway, please enjoy these pics.






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