day two of 2013

what are your plans? if you’re like me, you plan on going to work. after that, who knows. since this is the time of year people resolve to do or not do something, I will mention one of my resolutions for you.

I resolve to stop taking taxis.

I am addicted to taxis. I hate to rush and be rushed and I hate mass transit. I also love the snooze bar on the alarm clock.

when I worked in the Bronx, if I felt tired, I’d just stay in bed an extra half hour and take a cab to work. that extra sleep cost me $15 every time.

now that I work in Brooklyn, this isn’t an option. I start my morning at 5am even though I don’t actually get up for another thirty minutes. I have like 7 alarms set so I don’t fall back to sleep too deeply. I’ll finally toss myself out of bed at 5:25 or 5:30am because it takes me about an hour to get ready and out the door. then I sprint to my train station with the aim of being on the platform before 6:45am.

it takes an hour to get to my job and I need that extra 15 minutes to overload on caffeine and grub out a little.

if I took a cab from my house to my job in the morning, it would cost me about $60 and I’d still be late because we’d have to cut through manhattan to get there.

so no. no more taxis for me.

I resolve to learn to love mass transit.

I resolve to not get into any taxi if I’m the one paying for it.

you wanna pay for it? sure! I’ll ride! but don’t ask me for chip ins on the fare. I’ll be cheap and chip in $2.25 which is what my train ride costs. lol.

I need to keep all my money. my princess needs it. 🙂

if I think of any other resolutions, I’ll post some more.

check out this pic of my angel sleeping this morning. I love leaving her sleeping soundly but sometimes she wakes up and will say “buh-bye mama” as I’m leaving. always makes my eyes watery when she does that. my little terror. love her!!!!



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