I’m soooo happy and blessed

so I was on the hunt for a nice winter coat for Melody in the last month and found a website called altrec.com in which they have phenomenal deals. well, the coat I originally bought from there was too small so I have to send it back. in the meantime, I waited until today to buy her a bigger one. I also wanted to buy my brother a coat so I decided today would be the day to kill both those birds with one stone.


I managed to buy 3 winter coats for what I would’ve paid for one just a few weeks back. I got my bro his coat, and Melody a coat for now and one for when she outgrows it!!!!! yay!!!! they’ll be here Wednesday and now my bro will be warm and so will my booba!!!!

so happy!!!!

if you need winter gear, go to altrec.com but don’t order via the website, call them and put extension 253 in. that will connect you to Jason Torrence, like The Shining!!! he’ll take blessed care of you!!!! he did for me!!!! now to ship my return back!!!! lol


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