scared to death….

so last night I’m laying in bed, reading and writing in my journal when all of the sudden my daughter, who was sleeping in her crib, started gasping for air. immediately, I jump! go over to her and started rubbing her chest. she started trying to get up but was to out of breath to lift herself, so I reached in the crib and pulled her out. I took her to the bathroom and splashed water on her face but she continued gasping for air between crying. her lips were blue. I woke my mom up and told her what was happening and she went into grandma mode and snatched her from me. she starts patting her back and tells me to call 911 so I did. the ambulance arrives and take us to Montefiore medical center where they immediately start working her over. I was in a panic. this is my first child and I have never been more scared in my life. they first thought she had pneumonia but quickly determined it was croup. I didn’t even know what croup was. had never even heard of it before. apparently if it’s left unchecked it can progress into something called strider (sp?) which can kill babies. it is caused by a virus that attacks the voice box, constricting the airway and causing them to make a funny sound when they breath and cough. they gave her oxygen and steroids and told me she’d be fine. eventually they released us but it was a scary few hours. I missed work today as a result but my bosses understand and text me telling me not to apologize for not coming in because this was an emergency. I couldn’t ask for more understanding bosses. I never hardly ever miss work unless it’s important, like court or something. this was different but they understand. I’m blessed.

thank you Almighty! you have provided in abundance all of our needs and keep us safe in times of peril.


2 responses to “scared to death….

  1. Mitch, I’m so glad that Melody is okay. What a horrifying experience! How did the virus appear? Did she have a cold?
    God’s angels were surely in presence with her!

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