The Book of Drugs, by Mike Doughty (sooooo gooooooood)

I know I said I’d review the play next but life got in the way. life didn’t get in the way of me finishing this book though. I started it Friday afternoon and finished it last night. COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! I fully recommend it.

Mike Doughty, as mentioned in another post, was the lead singer of Soul Coughing ages ago before leaving them to go solo.

best decision he ever made!

his music now is truly his and it is so raw and honest. not stifled by turmoil within a band. he went through a lot of the same shit most people rising to fame go through. he battled back stabbers and drug addiction and damn near died in the process. he tells of this in his memoir, The Book of Drugs, and gives a lot of insight to what inspired some of his best songs. I love what I learned about the girl with the Unsingable Name that inspired that song. he has had a very interesting life. all the traveling and people he met and the drugs and drinking and fucking. omg! he tells his story from the vantage of sobriety which has a way of clearing up your vision. you want an inspiring story to read? read this book. you might learn something about yourself in the process.

thanks Mike!!! I hope I can get him to autograph my copy when I see him on the 24th. 😀

here’s a link to it on amazon:

The Book of Drugs, by Mike Doughty

here’s a link to his blog in which he mentions the book:
Mike’s blog post about his book



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