my daughter is learning a lot these days

so my booba is growing and getting smarter everyday. she has discovered picture books and is learning the alphabet and tons of new words. I can actually talk to her and she can answer. this morning she says something that sounded like “have a good day” as I was saying goodbye to her. she asks “how are you?” when I come home. she says “kayons” instead of crayons and her favorite color is purple, I know because she yells “PURPLE” whenever she sees it anywhere. she’s so smart and she amazes me everyday. so today, I got home from work just a little earlier than usual and snuck in the house so I could see her in action without knowing I was there. she was conversing with grandma about “baba” (milk) when she spotted me. she gets so excited when she sees me that she squeals and runs around and jumps and squeals again. so we go back to our room and get comfy on the bed with her “Words From to A-Z” book and we go over the letters and examples together. she sees the letter A and yells “apple,” B makes her yell “balloon,” and so on. it’s really cool that I don’t have to prompt her. she points at the letter and says the corresponding word, without me saying a word or giving a hint. I love her. she makes me so happy everyday.




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