fuk u iTunes!!!

so I get to work today with an iPhone full of music! gooooooood music! I was actually jamming out so hard to The Black Keys that I could have punched a puppy in the face and not felt bad because they are that goooooood. I leave work and am listening to them on my way to the bus when all of the sudden my music stops. no biggie, I thought. maybe I’d just reached the end of the playlist and needed to restart it so I could go back to punching puppies, I mean jamming out to The Black Keys. I pull my phone out of my pocket, open up the iPod app, go to the artists list and my list that is usually about five miles long had only about 4 artists in it. I check albums and there is next to nothing there. I check the songs list thinking I’m losing my mind. ONLY TWELVE SONGS!!!! what the fuck!!!!!! after hyperventilating for a spell I decide that I can cope until I get back to work tomorrow and reload the music since I only ever do so via my work computer as of late. in the meantime I figure I’ll access my missing purchased music via my iTunes account app. I open it, go to purchased and what do I see???? the god damned loading wheel spinning like a top but not loading my purchased list. who do I have to murder to get my music back????? I’m sitting on a long as bus ride home right now because the train system has been shut down due to hurricane sandy and my 20-30 minute trip home has become an hour and a half via the bus. this wouldn’t be so bad if I had all my music! I hate the bus and being in public places without my music. I’m a generally happy person but mass transit without an ample supply of music makes me want to assassinate people. my inner insane person gets loose from its restraints and starts plotting mass murder. music is the only thing that calms this savage beast. 12 songs is not enough music to last an hour and a half. I’m going to lose my mind!!!!! thank you iTunes and apple and my stupid ass iPhone for ruining my ride home with your glitchy ass bullshit. and I don’t wanna hear about how hurricane sandy is to blame for this malfunction!!! I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with this bullshit ass hurricane! I survived worse! this was a cake walk! give me back my god damned music or check the front page for the headlines tomorrow: “commuter goes crazy and murders riders on the Bx17 bus during rush hour-blames lack of music for the mental break”


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