Happy Birthday Krystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday K.S.!

I hope you’re well. I doubt you’ll see my birthday wish unless you’re still up to your web-stalking hobbies and have somehow found my blog. I don’t think you would be seeing as you’re engaged and happy. I just wanted to send you a shout out on my blog because I won’t write you to your email address anymore, at your fiancé’s request.

I want you to know that there will always be a special place in my heart for you. I hope to high heaven that you’re happy and well. I’m so happy for you girl! You’ve found an absolutely beautiful partner and I found it flattering, if not a little endearing, when she wrote me the way that she did. So sweet. She’s protecting you from the evil person that she seems to believe I am. If she only knew.

When I think of you with her, my smile broadens. I know she makes you happy because if not, why would you be with her. You obviously make her happy too. This is truly a great thing and I applaud as well encourage this.

Nothing would bring me more joy than to know that somewhere, in your corner of the earth, you are in love and happy. So, while I’m not sure you will ever get to read this message, I still send it out to the universe.

Heavenly Father, Creator of All Things, Bless my Friend K.S.! Bless her heart and who it beats for! Fill their lives with an abundance of joy, prosperity and years of continued happiness and togetherness. Gracious Lord of Everything, extend my wishes to her family and friends. Bless her sister and son, her mother and father, and please do the same for her partner, K.B.

I will always remember you on this day, 10/15. Your day! The world was blessed with you on this day and it became a better place as a result. You keep being beautiful and full of light! Let it show to the entire world! Shine so brightly that you become a beacon of hope to all you meet.

May you one day find it in you to reach out to me again. I miss your friendship. I miss our chats. You’re a wonderful person! You’re sorely missed BUT while I miss you, I’m happy for you, because this “missing” is as a result of someone special not wanting me in your life anymore due to our history and that my darling friend, is something I 100% understand, having stood where she stands in my own life.

To K.B.: You have nothing to worry about. Your treasured K.S. is too fine a gem to ever be squandered or stolen.

God bless you both and HAPPY BIRTHDAY K.S.!

With love always!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From me!


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