life is good

so yesterday was Melody’s birthday party. I didn’t want to do a big thing like last year. last year was OH-DEEE!!!! too much money spent on her bday. almost two grand and I don’t have it like that this year. this year I got away with spending only $150 on her party. *pats self on back* and the best part about it was that the $150 I spent was her child support money. besides that, this year I got the hook up. my job hooked me up with burgers and dogs for the party and my boo wanted to help so he paid for her cake. awesome!!!! at the last minute my mom decided to make arroz con gandules and empanadas. I made a crudités, salad, burgers and dogs. everyone started showing up around 3pm, and by everyone I mean my sis, her kids, the teenagers, my soul mirror Onika, Ku and his daughter, my neighbor Rey, her auntie and uncle from her dad’s side with their two sons, and her dad. I didn’t think he’d show up but I invited him anyway. I was glad he did and everyone got along. when it came time to cut the cake and sing happy birthday, Melody started to cry. it was too cute! it was like she didn’t realize everyone was there for her until that moment. kids are funny. everyone had a good time and the night ended well.

today, I’m off to six flags with my favorite banker, Solomon from Citibank. I haven’t been to six flags in years and I am sooooo looking forward to it. I probably shouldn’t be going because I slept funny last night and woke up with a bad crick in my neck but I took a hot shower, drank some coffee, took two Advil and said fuck it, I’m going. what’s the worst that could happen? I fuck it up a little bit more? oh well. at least I’ll have had a good time. I almost talked myself out of going but when I looked at the weather report and saw it’s forecasted to 70degrees today I was like, “Bad neck or no bad neck, I’m going to six flags!!!!” so I’m waiting for my banker to come pick me up and off we go.

all in all I’ve had a really good last couple months. I see good things in my future too. I can honestly say it’s been a long time since I felt this happy.














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