today is a good day to post a shitload of news links from the MSN homepage

They either curdled my blood or made me laugh. I know I should probably separate them into distinct posts for each topic or article but who the eff has time for that! I mean, come on man, I’m busy. So one by one, I’ll describe my thoughts on each story before the links, respectively. If you make it through them all, and have comments on any, please feel free to leave your comments.

Here goes:

Story # 1

This story is disturbing. It’s about an 11 year old girl who was sexualy assaulted by a cyclist. Now, what happened is horrible without a doubt but the part that seriously effed with me about this story was the second to last line, “The girl was not hurt.” WTF! What do you mean she was unhurt! She was sexually assaulted and even if this perv didn’t rape her, being sexually assaulted at age 11 by a complete stranger in your neighborhood park HURTS GOD DAMN IT! She will have to deal with the trauma and the fear for the rest of her life! I wish  could slap the crap out of the reporter who wrote this story! She was hurt you dumb fukc!

Story # 2

This story made me smile. I’m not uber religious, I believe in a creator of the universe to whom we should be ultimately grateful for everything! I don’t know if there are such things as heaven or hell but this guy seems to believe that he witnessed heaven. Let’s hope he’s right because LORD knows, I wanna make it to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story # 3

This next story deserves its own post and it will get it once I’ve researched this a bit more. In fact, if once I’m done researching this story I find out that more needs to be done, I may just start a petition on Being a mother, I could never imagine being able to survive a day without my daughter. This little boy has been separated from his mother for several months now. He and his 6 month old sister are living with their elderly grandfather who is not well enough to be their care taker! What will happen to these two kids if their mom gets deported??? This breaks my heart and something must be done!!!

Story # 4

HAHAHAHAHA! We need a little brevity after that last link! This guy found out his gf was cheating on him so he decided to put his two extra tickets to Radiohead, that were originally intended for her and her friend, on sale to the highest bidder and more importantly, the hottest chicks! REVENGE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story # 5

This one literally made me cry. I won’t say anything about this except this is not something that should happen ever and my heart goes out to the little boy and girl (siblings) who lost their entire family so tragically.

Story # 6

And this is why Anderson Cooper is my future baby daddy! IDGAF if he’s gay! We can still make babies!

Story # 7

This story also deserves a post all of its own. Please post this story on your blogs as well. The more this little girl’s pic is circulated, the better chances she has of being brought home alive and safe. I don’t know what to say. If my daughter went missing (GOD FORBID), I’d want as many people out there circulating my daughter’s pic and story as possible. Please do. She needs our help!!!!

Story # 8

These girls kick ass and I support Pussy Riot!

Story # 9

This story pisses me off for a number of reasons, mainly that we let this murderer get away! OMG! Let’s catch this piece of turd! He murdered this guy in cold blood on a city street, to the horror of passersby! Then hopped on a plane and fled the courty before authorities had the opportunity to nab him. UGH!!!! This guy died on a sidewalk, in a pool of his own blood. He deserves JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I’m done. These were the stories that jumped out at me this morning. A couple of them will get their own posts as well but for now, please read and comment.


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