i hate bullies!!!!

when i was kid, i was a victim of bullying. so much so, that by the time i reached 8th grade, i had become a bully. i figured, if you can’t beat them, learn to hit back hard! i look back on my time as a bully and while it earned me some popularity among the bad kids, i didn’t feel good about it at all. i just didn’t want to be a victim anymore so i became a victimizer.

i want to take this moment to apologize to anyone who i may have victimized during my bully phase. I’M TRULY SORRY FOR HURTING YOU! i hope you can forgive me!

i also want to take this moment to forgive the bullies who attacked me and hurt me prior to turning me into one of them. i forgive you because even though your actions changed me into you for a while, i never forgot who i was.

you may have victimized me but i am no victim!

today, if i fight, i fight for what i believe in, and not because i am some evil bully!

what prompted this post is the following:

everyday when i get to work and start to download the day priors’ time clock punches for processing, i will click on links on the MSN homepage and read whatever nonsense they are calling news for the day while i download said punches. this morning, i did the same and while reading articles i came across one that irked the bejeezus out of me. (i’ve posted the links at the end of this post)

people have been bullied for all sorts of reasons. they’re too short, too fat, too skinny, too old, too young, the list goes on and on. when people think of bullying, they usually think of mean kids in a schoolyard. the fact is, bullies come in all ages! bullies don’t even have to know you to bully you. bullies feel entitled to bully and they don’t care who they hurt while they’re at it. they must get some kind of boost to their egos by doing so. i’d like to give them all a boot to the face! ok, i’m getting off track here.

anyway, today on MSN the article i read was about an email a chunky-butt (this said in the nicest way possible) newscaster received bashing her for being over weight. like WTF!!!!! who did this guy think he was!? the fat-police!?!?!? the newscaster handled it graciously but her husband, who is also a newscaster was so upset by it that he posted the email on his FB page and the response they received prompted her to speak up about the incident. now, here’s the best part, not only did she address the person who wrote the nasty email but she spoke directly to other victims of bullying with a truly inspiring message. and then, just to make her situation more known, her brother, who is an actor went to bat for her too. You may know him, he played Peter in Office Space.

either way, this bully got his ass handed back to him in the nicest most gracious way possible and she, Ms.Chunky-Butt News Reporter, took what could have been a bad situation and turned it into an inspiring and encouraging message to others who suffer at the hands of bullies. RIGHT ON! so to her, i say the following:

you, my dear, look amazing! you have a beautiful face and a beautiful heart. you are blessed in abundance. you are an accomplished news caster! so what if you’re a little rounder than most! i happen to like people with meat on their bones! you’re a mother and a wife! bless bless blessings! so be proud of your booty! be proud of your gut! and should you ever decide to lose weight, do it for you and yours and not because some asshole sent you a nasty email! we are not all meant to be skinny. so go on with your bad self…..and hook me up with your brother while you’re at it! hahahaha!




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