i know i said my next post would be pics of the concert but i think this is much cooler….

Puerto Rican boxer, Orlando Cruz, is a rising star in the sport, has come out of the proverbial closet in a press release made yesterday. Whenever something like this happens, I feel the need to shout! Like Jenna Tackalova competing in that beauty pageant, Orlando Cruz has rose to become a member of my list of heros. Nothing makes me happier than people being true to themselves. If you can’t be true to yourself, who can you be true to? So BIG UPS to Orlando Cruz, the first openly gay man in the history of boxing.




5 responses to “i know i said my next post would be pics of the concert but i think this is much cooler….

    • I agree. it shows courage and knowledge of self! we all have our reasons for coming out or not and I will never knock anyone for being closeted. it’s ok. if that is how they want to live, more power to them. same goes for those who come out but to come out in environment like boxing or any sport for that matter, is a toughie. most don’t come out until after their careers have ended. this guy shows some real coraje!!! I love it! and best believe, next time he fights, if I can watch I will be. gotta root for my ppl!!! and I’ll laugh heartily at the macho dude who gets whooped by him! right on and thanks for reading!!!! come again!

  1. Reblogged this on t.c.jock and commented:
    The boyfriend may be in trouble if Orlando’s on the market. He lucked out on Anderson and Neil Patrick, since those two were already involved.

    With other people. Jebus, pick up a People magazine once in awhile, why don’t you?

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