just because

so I want to use the last 20% of juice in my phone to be grateful. gratitude is very powerful. it feels good because it is good. you should try it. it’s easy and its an instant mood booster! so I just want to make a small list of things I’m grateful for today.

1. I woke up. <;~~~ that one is always the greatest!!! whoooohooo!!!!! to waking up!!!

2. I got to work on time! <;~~~ by the skin of my teeth I might add, but the cabby actually used to work at my job years before I got there so he took short cuts I'd never seen before! thank you cabby!!

3. my entire day was a good one! <;~~~ thank you awesome bosses that totally kick ass!!!!

4. had a wonderful conversation with someone special this evening. <;~~~thank you special someone!

5. came home to a warm home and was greeted by a happy mother and an even happier daughter. <;~~~~thank you family!

6. and now I'm relaxing after dinner with my daughter. <;~~~~thank you life!

I couldn't ask for a better day! thank you God! thank you universe!



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