going to see Jay-Z wednesday

so the other night I received a random text message from a great friend of mine named Allyson. she text to ask me if I wanted to attend the Jay-Z concert with her on Wednesday night. I damned near had a heart attack. I started jumping around in circles hooting and hollering until I was completely out of breath! I didn’t bother texting back. I simply called her back and was like “Does a bear shit in the woods? Does the pope wear a funny pointed hat? is the ocean salty? is the sky blue???” well, not literally but that was my reaction.

so on top of my victory in family court, I now get to celebrate in a crowded arena filled with screaming fans and straight lose my voice Wednesday night because I’m going to go see Jay-Z with Ally!!!!

eat your heart out ppl! I will def take a ton of pictures and I plan on getting dressed to the nines that day! gonna make a pit stop in the city to smooch my boo and then off to Barclay Center to party like a rock star!!!

baby daddy is going to watch the baby for me too so no complaining by my mom about having to babysit during my off hours from work!

things could not be going any better for me lately. I can’t say enough how thoroughly blessed I am! positivity ppl! it works like a magnet. believe it and it will be.


Jay-Z baby!!!! so excited I could crap on the floor!!!! lmfao!!!!!!



6 responses to “going to see Jay-Z wednesday

    • yes! I’m so excited! I flew home for work to prepare! taking a ton of pics on my phone to post later. thank god I brought my charger cause my phone is always going dead! haha! I never get off it! damn iPhone! lol

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