the fight of my life

back to court today. this is the third court date. I have yet to write about the first or second but that’s simply because this is ongoing and I probably should be tight lipped about it. anything I say about what is happening can’t be thoroughly detailed until after everything is said and done.

my retainer ran out and I’m reluctant to ask my boss for more money even though he said I could. I should, because there’s nothing better than being backed up by a multimillion dollar company BUT I feel like they’ve done more than enough already, what with fronting me the retainer and finding my lawyer for me. I think it’s enough. I guess if I have trouble paying my lawyer I’ll ask for help but until then, I’ll try to pay for it myself. she is cool and she said she would work with me.

no matter what, I’m blessed. I have so much to be grateful for. despite this custody shit, I’m happy.

I’m getting what I deserve, or rather, my daughter is and he’s got no choice now but to do what the courts say. he opened up this can of worms and they’ve gone everywhere and he can’t get them all back in the can if he tried….. well, he could.

all he has to do is walk away. he isn’t doing this because he wants his daughter. he is doing this to hurt me because I finally grew some balls and left him. he’s doing this out of spite. that’s why I say, if he would just walk away, wash his hands, and never look back, this would all go away.

when he served me with custody papers, I was shocked. but my lawyer countered his petition with one of my own. when he started this, he made no attempts to pay child support. in fact, his subpoena made no mention of support. my lawyer trumped his subpoena with one for custody and one for support. he didn’t like that much and I’m sure it boils his blood every time he looks at his pay-stub and he sees the child support deduction.

getting him to help me take care of her for the last two years was always a fight. I couldn’t get him to give me $50 each week and now he has to fork over almost three times that every week. I bet he wishes he’d have just let me be. when I left him, I asked for nothing and still want nothing but I’ll be damned if I just sit back and let him use the courts to take her from me without a fight.

so I’m in this slow ass cab, on my way to the court house, cursing the driver in my head for taking the longest route possible. ugh. I gotta be there like NOW. SHIT! won’t have time to smoke a cig before going in. I should quit anyway.

I’m rambling.



2 responses to “the fight of my life

    • thank you for your blessing. I have one more court date in November. after that one, I can spill the beans on all of this court nonsense thoroughly. I learned a lot through this experience and I feel like ppl can learn from this too.

      in regards to victory, well, I was victorious. I almost feel sorry for him. 🙂

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