and this is why i don’t listen when ppl call me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so again, i read an article that really ticked me off and while i know i should try to be a source of positivity for the world, and not post things like this here, i feel i must!

but first, let me explain the title of this post.

i was having a conversation with another mom one day and i told her that when my daughter goes to school, i will be fitting her with a hidden camera that will record what is happening around her at all times while she is away from me. (the awesome thing about living in NYC is that we have spy stores with all kinds of gadgets for surveillance and i don’t care if i have to drop a kidney on one of those hidden devices, i’m getting one and putting it on my kid before i send her to school.) the other mother called me crazy and i said “no, you’re the one who is crazy!” messed up shit happens at schools, ranging from sexual abuse, physical abuse to bullying from both students and teachers, and i’ll be damned if i send my kid to school and not try to protect her.

moreover, i heard a story once of a couple who did this to their kid because they suspected their child was being abused at school. their kid would act funny after school but wouldn’t tell them why and they had to get to the bottom of it. as it turns out, their child wasn’t being abused, personally, but their child’s behavior changes after school were due to witnessing another child being abused and being too frightened to speak up for that child because of who the abuser was. the parents watched the video their hidden device recorded from the lapel of their child’s shirt. what they saw was an evil poor excuse for a teacher verbally abusing another child in their child’s class. the teacher ridiculed the other child and the abuse bordered on the physical. why this teacher had it out for this other student is beyond me, but what these parents did saved that other child. they were trying to protect their baby and wound up protecting someone else’s!

after hearing about that story, i knew i would do the same with my child. not just to protect her, but to protect those around her. and call me crazy all you want, after i get done helping her with her homework and i send her off to play, i will remove the device’s hard drive from her bag, connect it to my computer and watch her day unfold and if i see anything that shouldn’t be, i will react!

the link below will tell a tale of a father who did the same thing. i hope heads roll at his son’s school. props poppa!!! you did the right thing and i wish more parents did so too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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