time keeps on slipping…

into the future.

and that’s fine. that’s what it’s supposed to do.

the past slips into a memory and that’s where it’s supposed to go, at least until it is forgotten.

the present, this is where we belong. in the here and now.

we can’t predict the future and we can’t time travel to change the past. the only place we have any power to exact change to is here and now.

what kind of change we exact is dependant on the individual.

are you positive?

are you negative?

whichever you are determines the nature of the change you exact.

i have not always known this. i was stuck in the past, and leary of the future and unaware of the gift which is my present.

to put it simply, i was negative.

naturally, a negative person only reaps more negativity.

i often lied to myself and the world, put on a positive face and demeanor while deep down inside i struggled with negative emotions. i hid them away from the world but no matter how hard you try to hide them, they always see the light of day and when they do, hold on tight, because you’re in for one bumpy ride.

now i know.

now i know better.

i know that i can be who i want to be, go where i want to go, see who i want to see, get what i want to have. i know i am unstoppable, invincible even.

i will not allow anyone or anything to change my frequency. don’t touch that dial. the sounds i emit will resonate throughout the universe and come back to me. do not attempt to adjust the station. this is not static. this is me!!!!

am i coming in loud and clear? do you hear me? can you feel me? are you there? can you read me?

open your eyes and ears and receive.

we’ve been all created within a divine light. remove your blinders and take it all in. a bright future is waiting for you, if only you choose to see with your heart.


5 responses to “time keeps on slipping…

    • thank you Onika. you are my rock and you inspire me to persevere and keep fighting the good fight. i will always fill this page for you to read because your feedback is like water in the desert.

      • Hey girl wow this gave me goose bumps. You are definitely coming in loud and clear and I am proud of you. Just remember you have the power to change it all around and everything you write in your words, in your voice is the truth. SEEK THE WORLD IT IS AT YOUR FINGERS love you and I am glad you are seeing the light!

      • yes. i have opened my eyes and the light is blinding but i know soon my eyes will adjust and everything will be quite clearly seen. i love you Claudia.

  1. Thanks for the address, I really do love your work… and this is as good as ever, I remember you saying some yrs ago that you should be locked on an attic and not to be let out before you have written enogh…

    Guess you found that place in your mind, not the locked attic, but the flow from where the words come from… Thoughts, realizations and ideas… turned into life by your writings, I hope I get to read more of your work in here.

    Keep up the great work, wise words beautifully written, always a pleasure

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