Racism is false!

Nina Jablonski- Studied skin color/race.

Humans are 99.9% similar in every way.
Skin color is an evolutionary response to ultraviolet light. All of human kind started in East Africa, we know this because that is where we find the greatest diversity in the fossil record.

All humans are African.

The differences in skin color are a result of migration. Different areas of earth receive different levels of ultraviolet light.

As ppl migrated, their skin color was affected by the ultraviolet rays. Ppl who went to areas where there is more ultraviolet rays have darker skin. Ppl who went to places that had less have lighter skin.

This is simply the organism, humankind, adapting to changes in the environment. Vitamin D is necessary and it is not found in food. Our bodies produce it via exposure to ultraviolet rays. The problem is that too much ultraviolet rays can damage your body. Evolution works by making changes, slow gradual changes, that amount to better success in reproduction.

Obviously, ppl who livraceoser to the equator where there is a lot of exposure to ultraviolet rays are darker. Their dark skin allows them to absorb just the right amount of ultraviolet rays to produce the adequate amounts of Vitamin D to ensure survival. Same is true for light skinned ppl. They migrated to areas with less ultraviolet rays and their skin adapted, became lighter, so they could absorb more ultraviolet rays and hence, produce the right amount of Vitamin D for survival.

Evolution doesn’t care what you look like. Evolution only cares, and cares is the wrong word because it implies forethought and evolution doesn’t think-it just does, about survival of the species and the changes it imposes on an organism are done for that purpose alone.

There is no consciousness to it.

There is absolutely no difference between ppl. All humans are exactly the same but for .1% of their DNA. We are literally ALL RELATED!

Racism is false!

There is only one race of ppl, human. The differences in skin color are simply evolutionary and superficial. We are all the same.

Racism is a creation of man. We see with our eyes, the differences between us and make the erroneous assumption that the differences are greater than skin deep but they are not. There is nothing different about us below the surface.

Ignorance of this basic scientific fact is what keeps racist ideas alive. Humans, who choose ignorance over knowledge, have deeply ingrained ideas about race. They assume that ppl are different based on their appearances. They are wrong. The way we look is a result of evolution.

Case in point: In the animal kingdom, a dog is a different species of animal as a cat. A dog and a cat can not mate. This is what distinguishes species, their ability to mate and reproduce. If race were real, black ppl would only be able to mate with black ppl and white with white ppl and so on and so forth. This is obviously not true. Ppl of any skin color can mate and reproduce with ppl of any other skin color and the only thing that happens are babies of mixed skin tone, leaning towards either side of the spectrum, or smack dab in the middle. This fact alone proves we are all the same race/species. Taking into account the scientific development and understanding of DNA structures, scientists have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are identical in 99.9% of our genetic make up.

Racism is false.

We are all one race.

We are all one species.

Our differences beyond skin color are merely cultural.

I wish everyone could understand this. I wish that we could spread this message around the world and unite as one race/species. If we could stop all the infighting and work together, we could save ourselves, our planet and the amazingly biodiverse world in which we live. Until humankind understands this, things will continue on the course they have been for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

I miss you

that’s a good thing.
it means we haven’t seen each other in a long time.
it means we haven’t spoken in just as long.
it means we’ve moved on from one another.
it means we’re both okay without each other.
was a time, I didn’t think this day would come.
was a time, I’d fight myself to not think of you.
now’s a time when I can do this without longing for you.
now’s a time when I can say honestly,
I no longer love you.
I miss you.
but that’s a good thing.
a time will come when I won’t even feel that.
a time will come when you’ll be a distant memory.
a time will come when I’ll think of you fondly.
as someone I loved.
as someone I cared for.
as someone important.
but someone long gone.
I miss you.
and that’s good.

atheism is sexy

atheism is sexy.

it’s a thought that has been running around my head for days.

atheism is sexy.

why do I think so? it’s because it feels so to me.

religious guilt is not sexy. it does nothing to enhance a person’s self esteem. on the contrary. it teaches us that we are imperfect, worthy of punishment due to our flawed nature and causes us great grief and suffering. we aspire to be worthy in the eyes of god and because we are human, we never truly will be. it teaches us that a sacrifice was made for us and so we are guilted into gratitude for an event we never saw or took part in.

had I been there, I’d have stopped it! I wouldn’t have allowed it even if it meant my own death!

I would’ve preferred it over being born after the supposed fact and then being forever indebted for my salvation. moreover, why do I need saving? I don’t. I’m not in peril. on the contrary, I am alive and well. no need to be saved! if I were stranded on a deserted island then please, by all means, save me! but I’m not and don’t need saving. I am safe!

why is atheism sexy?

because when you remove the weight of religion from your psyche, you become truly free. free to be who you are without the fear of judgement. it adds air beneath your steps. it gives you a sense of certainty.

I am here and this is now and that is all that matters.

freedom from religion breaks down the walls put in place by a book writ thousands of years ago.

you are free and freedom is beautiful and beauty is sexy therefore, atheism is sexy.

so instead of being ashamed, I am proud.

I feel my atheism in my hips. each step I take on rational ground provides a gentle swaying that is profoundly sexy.

I feel my atheism in my smile. it is sly and knowing. it understands the nature of things and knows it is lucky for its understanding and curls its corners upwards as a result.

I feel my atheism in my eyes. they see the world differently. they no longer wonder in amazement at things that seem beyond comprehension. they know, for all things seen, there is a logical and scientific explanation. as a result, they glitter with curiosity and knowing!

what is yet unrevealed is simply awaiting the proper light to illuminate it.

they wait patiently because they know and knowing makes them sparkle.

my atheism is sexy.

it serves me better than religion ever did.

I profess.

I am not agnostic. I am not religious.

I am an atheist and I am sexy.

smoking is a sign of mental weakness.

if a person wants to quit, they need to commit to that desire wholeheartedly. even one cigarette is too many. the body has been conditioned to want one because of the addictive nature of nicotine and how quickly it leaves the system. people want a cigarette every couple of hours, sometimes even more often than that, because their nicotine levels drop and withdraws set it. it is uncomfortable and having another cigarette alleviates the discomfort by boosting nicotine levels. nicotine is not something your body naturally produces, so when levels drop, it can’t replenish without another cigarette. the body doesn’t want to be uncomfortable so it sends cues to the mind to get another cigarette. the mind, used to paying attention to the body when it wants something like food, water, warmth, etc., complies. this is when the mind needs to become stronger. it is at this moment that the mind becomes the weakest link. smoking is ultimately a sign of mental weakness. the mind knows that each cigarette is poisoning the body. it knows better even if the body doesn’t. the mind gives in to the body but it knows it shouldn’t. the mind needs to be tough to the body but doesn’t know how to. it has probably tried many times to overcome the body’s capriciousness for things like booze and smoking and other risky behavior but it has failed miserably. the mind must become stronger than the body in order to preserve the body and itself. if the body dies or becomes ill, the mind suffers. the very act of self preservation for the mind and it’s consciousness will save the body. the mind must become stronger than the body. this is how one quits smoking. strengthening the mind.

you are not your insecurities

ok so, let’s talk about insecurities. we all have them. only the most well adjusted people have them in check and let’s be honest, most of us are not well adjusted.

what are some of the most common insecurities?

well, for those in a relationship, many feel insecure about the fidelity of their mates. why is that? sometimes the lover doesn’t even exhibit signs that they’re a cheater yet their partner still believes it is a possibility. is it the lover’s fault? does the lover then have to prove their fidelity over and over again to appease the partner and their insecurities? in my opinion, no. the lover does not need to prove themselves as faithful if they’ve never given cause for their mate to believe they wouldn’t be. it is the mate’s onus to relinquish their insecurities to the wind and trust fully in their lover. unless there is reason to believe they’d stray, and I’m talking concrete proof, actual evidence, there is nothing to do except give up on the insecurity. the insecurity will ruin the relationship and push the lover away. no one wants to be not trusted and trust should be the foundation of every romantic relationship. without it, there can be no love or security.

what are some others?

for many of us, it’s comparing ourselves to others. social networking and reality tv has really done a number on the collective unconsciousness of the masses. we used to “keep up with the joneses,” now we “keep up with the kardashians” and every other person we encounter within the World Wide Web. we are consumed by profiles on sites, followers and Facebook friends. we see their lives in pictures and status updates and assume that we know them, that we know their lives and that their lives are better than ours. we become dissatisfied within ourselves, aspire to impress upon others this image of a life totally together, totally happy and complete, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. this comparing, this measuring up, has chipped away at our armors. we are left weakened and vulnerable and insecure.

there’s more.

we feel insecure about our age, our appearance, our bank accounts, our jobs, our educations. we feel insecure about our homes, our cars, our clothes. we feel insecure when we are alone, we feel insecure when we are together. we feel insecure about our weight and our health, our color, our race. this list could go on forever and ever but there is one thing true about all of them and I’m about to tell you what that is.


insecurities are not real. you are! you are so real in fact, that if you focus on that instead of your insecurities, you’d know how easily it is to vanquish them. you could go about writing them all on a sheet of paper and instantly, before finishing writing whatever the insecurity is, you’d know how to kill it.

you are a spark! a glittering ember that was once a star! you are part of the vastness of the universe. you, your essence, underwent many changes over billions of years, to become the consciousness that you are today. you are aware, of yourself, of others, of the world around you and within you. you are infinite and eternal. you are magnificent.

when you take in the totality of your existence, when you contemplate how you evolved from cosmic goop into the beautiful, ornate, intelligent creature that you are today, right now, at this moment, what do you have to feel insecure about?? who do you need to keep up with?

look deep within yourself and recognize the enormousness of your being. you are larger than life and life is pretty large. insecurities suck the enjoyment out of living. shed that old skin and step on through to the other side. you are worthy of a life completely free of insecurities but you must want it badly enough to drop the baggage. simply open your hand and let it go.

insecurities rob from you the joie de vivre. they make you small, and vulnerable. fortunately, in many occasions, greatness is born from vulnerability. so if you find yourself at this moment, in a place that is vulnerable, battered down by your own insecurities, I beg you, I ask that you, please, stand up! shake them off. feel them slide down from your head, down your body, to the ground, as if you were covered in an anointing oil blessed by the universe to take away your perceived blemishes. step forward from where you stand and know that your insecurities are there behind you, laying on the floor. trust that the universe will demolish them and send them flying off into space, never to consume another being again. now that you are clean, free and clear of your insecurities, bask in the glory that is liberation.

you are an amazing wonder!

you are spectacular!

you are stardust!

a body is a patchwork of compromises. -Richard Dawkins

in relation to evolution, Dawkins uses rats and their teeth as an example in regards to “artificial selection.” evolution is known as natural selection so obviously, artificial selection is forced. in his example, scientists wanted to see if they could breed rats to have stronger teeth over the course of generations. lucky for them, rats reproduce almost exponentially so it is possible in a person’s lifetime to see this evolution as opposed to natural selection which takes forever and most people won’t live long enough to see. in any event, the scientists were successful in breeding rats with stronger teeth. in a normal rat, tooth decay was evident within 100 days. in the artificially selected, or forcefully evolved rats, they managed to delay tooth decay by 400 days, four times the time of naturally selected rats. he goes on to explain that despite this being a victory in the lab, in real life, things would be different. the strength of teeth and bones is strongly dependent on calcium ingested. where would a wild rat find calcium to feed it’s body’s need? it’s not like they could buy it in a store like we can! how would they get it? well, calcium already exists inside of the rat, in it’s bones, so it could take calcium from it’s bones for it’s teeth but then that would weaken the bones. since rats are dependent on their teeth to survive, stronger teeth could lead to longer lives and the ability to reproduce more, in turn lengthening it’s lineage however, if the gain in tooth strength is at the loss of bone strength, this loss could actually shorten it’s life should damage come to it’s bones and it not be able to repair itself. he goes on to say that the body has an “economy” of calcium (and of all vitamins and minerals) and where it shifts to aid one area, another area loses. hence his phrase quoted above.

in application to us, this relationship between our body’s and nutrient economy holds true. for many years I never took vitamins. I assumed that I could get all of the vitamins and minerals I needed from the foods I ate and that taking supplements in pill form was a waste of time and money because the body doesn’t absorb the vitamins and minerals well that way. calcium, needs to be absorbed properly and our bodies don’t do well with that when the calcium comes by way of a pill. hence so many pill makers who claim their form of calcium is easier to absorb than others on the market. through learning more about the body and how to fine tune it via diet and exercise, I learned that no, our bodies do not get everything they need via the foods we eat, even with a healthy diet, and we would be well advised to incorporate supplements into our systems, should we desire good health.

in regards to those of us who are embarking on a fitness journey with the aim of becoming stronger, healthier, more physically appealing people-or whatever your motivation may be- I am going to take the liberty of suggesting incorporating vitamins into your daily health regime. moreover, if you are working out as well as dieting, I must state that while that is all good in theory, the “economy” of our body’s nutrients will come into play vigorously which makes it even more important to incorporate supplements to counteract the effects of depletion due to the exercise and diet plan you’re on. when you exercise, your body is pulling the energy it needs from the nutrients in it, so despite keeping a healthy diet, the losses of these vital building blocks of life need to be replenished or else your body will go into a deficit. this is partly why a lot of people who start working out for the first time in a while will get sick at the start of their journey. the body, unaccustomed to over exertion, started pulling what it needed from itself to fulfill the requirements for a successful workout. it depleted itself and the effect is usually a cold with flulike symptoms. when this happens at the start of a fitness journey, it has the ability of derailing a person’s plans! don’t let this happen!! taking vitamins along with a healthy diet will prevent that from happening. food for thought!

there is more though! anyone who begins a workout routine will concur that when you start working out, you’re going to feel pain. that pain comes from a build up of lactic acid in your muscles during contraction and release. while feeling that pain or burn in your muscles may be a sign that you’re doing your exercises correctly, it can take days for that pain to go away. it’s not good to work out while still in pain from a previous workout which is why avid fitness buffs will work out specific areas on one day, and another the next, giving ample time to recover their legs while working their arms, etc. this pain could keep the average person from the gym however, it’s even worse to go too many days between workouts. they say never go more than three days between workouts. longer breaks undue the progress you’ve made which defeats the purpose.

so how can you eliminate the pain and shorten the recovery time between workouts so that you can workout more consistently and see results fast? easy! take MSM.

MSM is a supplement you can get at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe. I don’t think you’ll find it in your local pharmacy’s vitamin aisle but I could be wrong. what MSM does is it reduces the production of lactic acid so you feel that pain less. as a result, it hastens the recovery process (not really) so you can get back to your routine and see the results you’re working towards. there is a flip side to this. everything in our bodies has a purpose, or used to have a purpose (eg. the appendix and tonsils have no real purpose today but at some point in the evolution of human beings they must’ve had a purpose or else we wouldn’t have them). lactic acid has it’s purpose too. when we exercise, what we are doing is aggravating our muscles. we’re causing small tears in the fibers of our muscles as we work them out. the lactic acid serves as a reminder, the pain it causes tells us “hey, take it easy, your muscles aren’t used to this and need time to recover!” so the lingering pain caused by the build up of lactic acid in our muscles is actually good for us because it keeps us from over working muscles that need time to repair themselves. by dosing up on MSM before and after workouts, it’s reduces the production of lactic acid, thus reducing the pain associated with working out and giving us the false sense that our muscles have sufficiently repaired themselves and are ready to be worked again. over working your muscles can be worse at times than not working them at all. the key is to find a happy medium. someplace smack dab in the middle of sedentary and overworked.

I take MSM because I want to work out everyday so it’s better for me to not feel excruciating pain after working out. I’m conscious of what I am doing though. I make sure to workout my entire body, not target just one area, but I don’t overdo it. sure, I go hard but not too hard. just hard enough to feel the burn all over my body and to sweat profusely but not hard enough to hurt myself or strain anything. machines at the gym help too because they allow you to perform exercises that otherwise would require a lot of knowledge about proper form that most average people don’t have. for instance, there is a right way to do a bicep curl using free weights but on a machine, you just follow the diagram and you’re good. for someone who doesn’t know how to workout, the machines are the safest way to go about it if you can’t afford a trainer or a gym with classes.

note that muscle is heavier than fat. if you want to lose weight, focus on burning fat and not building muscle. your muscles will grow regardless but if your aim is to hop on a scale and see a smaller number every time you do, building muscle will do the opposite because muscles are heavier than fat. a lot of people lose hope because even though they’re losing fat, they’re also building muscle, and the scale doesn’t seem to be showing smaller numbers despite all the work being done. this is called a plateau, and it basically means you’ve hit a wall. my wall is 160lbs. can’t seem to get past it, even though I’m smaller and more firm in places that were jiggly before, but I’m not giving up! so I suggest focusing on cardio workouts. cardio brings up your heart rate, raises your core temperature and burns fat! you’ll lose fat predominantly when doing cardio workouts.

I was watching the Zumba class yesterday at the gym. it looks like silly fun! if you get bored on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machines, try Zumba! I was giggling watching them do their thing. the classes are usually a mixed group of fit to unfit, young to older people but they’re all smiling and sweating together! working out in a group setting is motivating because you’ll look around and see people in worse shape than you going hard! it’ll keep you from giving up.

so yeah, as Dawkins says, our bodies ARE a patchwork of compromises. whatever we do on one side, depletes something somewhere else. so please, take your vitamins if you are working out. please eat healthily, avoiding excess salts, sugars, and fats. eat whatever you want but always choose the better options and smaller portions as opposed to junk food or fast food. avoid eating at restaurants and choose home cooked meals instead. not only will you save money but when you prepare your own food, you can feel confident that you are eating well because you know what you put into it. up your intake of greens! spinach, kale, collard greens, these things are sooooooo good for you in so many ways. the darker the leaf, the better. avoid red meat when possible. eat more fish! poultry is good too but you don’t need meat for protein. (my vegan friends will enjoy the last sentence from the ‘but’ on.) you can get it from vegetables and even protein shakes. stop drinking soda and juice. drink ONLY water!!! seriously, if you do nothing at all, don’t change your diet, don’t take vitamins, don’t workout, but you do cut out soda and juice, you will lose weight in a month just by doing that alone! my friend did that! she was a soda junkie and lost over thirty pounds just by stopping soda and juice and she did nothing else!

basically, our human bodies evolved into the wonderful machines they are today through natural selection. we are as strong as we need to be for survival! we can be better, we can continue to evolve ourselves! we need to take care of ourselves and each other. they say the best way to change the world is to start with yourself. by opting for a healthier lifestyle, you will unwittingly lead others by example. I know of a person who lost an entire person in body weight, dropping from 265 lbs to a svelte 140 lbs. she is happier and healthier and inspiring. I know of another person who suffered from anorexia/bulimia and turned it around and is now so fit, she looks like a super hero! these people motivate me because if they could lose over a hundred pounds in as little as a year, or could sculpt a muscular physique from a skeletal frame, me losing a mere 20-30 pounds should take no time at all.

be happy.
be healthy.